Fundu Oy is a Finnish crowdfunding intermediary facilitating corporate financing. Fundu works in close cooperation with several banks and banking groups. Among the owners are LähiTapiola (LocalTapiola General Mutual Insurance Company) that holds the majority of the company shares and Säästöpankkiryhmä (the Savings Banks Group). Fundu is a nationwide partner of Suomen Yrittäjät (the Federation of Finnish Enterprises).

Business Loan Application

Please fill in the loan application below carefully and provide the requested attachments. This speeds up the processing of the application and the receipt of the credit decision.

    Company information

    Loan details

    Description of the applicant company

    Company representative information

    Required attachments

    • Latest approved financial statement

    • Auditor’s report and possible audit memorandum and minutes

    After receiving the application, Fundu's credit analyst will contact the company’s representative stated in this application and request the necessary additional information or materials.